Drying Food Waste at St James’s Market, London

food waste dryer

St James’s Market in the West End of London comprises over twenty outlets serving food to the public including restaurants, cafés and delicatessens. The facilities manager for the market, Principle Cleaning, collects all the waste which is separated into streams and goes for recycling. Food waste is collected in compostable food waste bags and caddies and processed in two ES300 Eco-Smart food waste dryers.

Each dryer, installed in 2018, has a maximum loading capacity of 200kg per day which are rotated throughout the day, with one drying while the other is available for loading. The dried food waste is collected and goes for industrial composting outside London.

The compostable food waste bags which are made of starch are loaded along with the food waste and completely disintegrate overnight, making the handling much easier for staff: they don’t even need to empty them!

The Eco-Smart food waste dryers make the management of food waste is much easier for staff and the operation. It is an integral part of the waste management service provided to the Crown Estate, who own the market. The volume is reduced by over 80%, eliminating smells and pathogens. There’s no food waste rotting away in bins or compactors and it maximizes the use of space.

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Drying food waste is the future of food waste disposal and it’s here now