Food Waste Dryers for Hotels and Restaurants

food waste dryers for hotels

The ‘back of house’ requirement to deal with food waste has never been the most glamourous part of running a hotel or restaurant. But with an increasing focus these days on the need for improved environmental management, keeping costs under control and minimizing hygiene risks, the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer has an important role to play.

In large cities, there is a premium on space, both in the kitchen and at the back of the premises. Limited space for wheelie bins means that compaction technology (balers, compactors and bottle crushers) must be used. But when it comes to food waste it tends to either go into a wheelie bin or down a food disposal unit into the drains.

Food disposal units (macerators) are now banned in NI, Scotland and Wales, and likely soon in England. Putting food waste into drains is now deemed as completely unacceptable. The alternative of putting food waste into black bags, in a wheelie bin or a compactor poses significant hygiene and vermin risks.

The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer turns wet food waste into a dry sterile powder, 20% or less of its original weight and volume, reducing food waste wheelie bins by the same proportion. The elimination of risks from vermin, pests and smells means that the dryer is ideal for hotels and restaurants where hygiene is a top priority.

How Much Food Waste Does the Hotel or Restaurant Produce?

Our advice to all that currently use wheelie bins, food waste disposal systems, macerators or waste-to-water systems, who are unlikely to know their daily food waste weights is to carry out a simple, week-long evaluation of food waste weights before it is disposed, noting the daily weights to understand the peak days. Typically, this produces much higher weights than expected.

Which Food Waste Dryer Is Right For My Hotel or Restaurant?

Knowing the weight of food waste produced daily is key to deciding which model of food waste dryer is right for your operation. For example, the ES150 has a maximum capacity of 100kg per day. If your weight is close to this or peaks above this the you should consider a larger unit or splitting the volume across two smaller units.

For More Information
We have extensive experience dealing with food and other waste in hotels and restaurants and can come to your premises to discuss your problems and objectives, and how our Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer can meet and solve them.

Drying food waste is the future of food waste disposal and it’s here now