No Food Waste to Landfill for the M.O.D. in the Falklands

food waste dryer

Bergmann Direct have supplied six Eco-Smart food waste dryers to the Ministry of Defence for use in military messes on the Falkland Islands. The first delivery of three units (two ES80s – 50kg per day capacity) and one ES150 (100kg per day capacity) were delivered in 2018.

Bergmann Direct carried out the installation and trained services personnel in maintenance routines. Flying out and back on the twice-weekly airbridge via Ascension Island. The second batch of three machines for the Mount Pleasant Complex (MPC) were delivered in 2019.
The Eco-Smart food waste dryers are part of an island-wide initiative to adopt more sustainable waste management practices to reduce the use of landfill and dovetail with the Falklands Islands own newly-adopted waste management strategy in 2018.

Click this link for further information on recycling by the M.O.D. in the Falkland Islands.

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