Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer Models

How much daily food waste do you produce? That’s the key question as it determines the right model for you. There are six models from 20kg to 350kg per day. These are maximum capacities, so if your volumes are close to the maximum consider going up to the next size or having more than one machine.

Click on the pictures below to get a detailed specification and download datasheets.

The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer is made from high specification stainless steel. All units are have locking castors so can be pushed into position. All you need is a power supply nearby and a standard sink drain (see page Installation and Commissioning). It is easy to use, with simple on/off and discharge buttons and high specification RFID interlock sensors. Just load the food waste, close the lid and press the start button - the process is automatic.

For examples of existing installations visit our Sectors page. The Eco-Smart Food waste dryer is installed in hospitals, shopping centres, hotels, prisons, military barracks and on board ships.

If you are unsure about the right model for you or there are unusual site requirements, please get in touch for an informal discussion and we can assist you. You can call us on +44 (0)1522 692888 or send us a message on the Contact Form or email us at 

Drying food waste is the future of food waste disposal and it’s here now